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Product Features

This product offer all features that will support your business 100%.

Rate Management

You can update the rates and other properties as your preference.

Device Management

Manage the type of devices that the system entail.

Customer Dashboard

Your customers have access to all their information in one location. They can do everything from reading messages and creating pre-alert to making payments and requesting delivery. Features

The Only Tool You’ll Ever Need

Robust Website editor

Manage your homepage using our simple to use interactive drag and drop website builder.

Robust staff access right.

Fine control over staff permission. Set individual access rights with our 50 discreet access permissions.


Manage Transactions, Manage employee reconciliation. Track Expenses, reports to manage the finances. Export invoices for QuickBooks.

Multiple Rate-groups

Set different shipping and delivery rates for different rate groups. Put your customers in different rate groups and bill them accordingly.

Integrated Messaging Platform

Message your customers using our advance messaging platform. Choose to send emails or only push
notifications. Target customers based on multiple criteria (Branch, Registration Date, Activity level,
geographic location, etc).

Pricing Billing and Invoicing

Bulk Price manifests or individually price packages. Generate invoices and send invoices in bulk. Split
invoices with one click.

Multiple Branch

Manage multiple branches, route packages to branches. Track branch finances. Assign customers to

Local Warehouse management

Scan packages into and out of storage. Track precise location of packages in the warehouse. Use the
warehouse interface to respond to and dismiss warehouse requests.

Delivery Management

Schedule and manage deliveries. Setup and mange driver run sheets and track delivery progress.

Online Payment

Have your customers pay for their products before requesting pickup or delivery.

Customs Clearance

Generate ASYCUDA  Declaration XML
Generate ASYCUDA IMS-4 Entry XML
Generate Customs Manifest
Generate Bill of Ladens.

Mobile Apps

Your customers can manage their accounts and receive real time push notifications.

Integrated Chat Platform

Communicate with your customers with our real time chat platform.

Customize branding and theming

Customize the system to match your branding. Add your Logo, symbols and select your theme.

Customer Relationship Management

Use our Powerful CRM tool to manage all customer information in a single location.


Customers are notified of their package status efficiently.

Overseas Warehouse management

Receive and in process packages for single or multiple couriers. Process bags, singles, pallets, etc. Process Manifest. Manage Unknowns, Manage Master Waybills. Bill Couriers.

Package Delivery

Package delivery can be managed easily by providing drivers with a auto generated run sheet.

"The road to success and the road to failure is almost the same."

– Courtney Patterson

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